How to Use Google Alerts for Career Search


Career search online is very tricky and if you know how to make a good career search online, it becomes very easy for you. There are so many ways to make career search online and Google Alerts is one of them. Google Alerts is an excellent tool provided free by Google for monitoring your online presence. It is very helpful for personal business as you get alerts sent to you as soon as you are talked about somewhere on the Internet. You can also use Google Alerts to monitor news about your;

  • Company
  • Competitors
  • Share prices
  • Weather warnings and so on

One often ignored use of Google alerts is to monitor employers and what new career opportunities they post. I will try to cover that how you can use Google alerts for your career search online.

Google Alerts-Best Way to Make Career Search

Google Alerts are basically email updates of the most recent pertinent Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your search queries. In other words Google alerts is a service that generates search engine results based on search quires provided by you, and delivers the results to your e-mail account.  Instead of having to check career boards daily, simply set up a Google alert for the companies you are interested in and let this smart tool do the rest for you. You are expected to be one of the first to see the career openings and this will give you an advantage.

Google Alerts-How to Start

Getting started on Google alerts is simple, just click on the Google Alerts page and fill in the blanks as shown in the figure below. In this case we want to see all PR (Public Relations) career jobs coming out of well known companies. We will choose ‘Everything’ in the ‘result type’ option, which means it scours all news, blogs, web, videos, books and groups known to Google. You can then pick frequency in ‘How Often’ option and select ‘as-it-happens’. Then select the amount of results you want from Google alerts. The last step is just to enter your email and let Google Alerts do the rest for you.

You can repeat this and set up as many google alerts as you like to monitor a group of employers and career opportunities. Google alerts are a steady search because it saves your valuable time. On the other hand, any recruiters out there wanting to be the first on the phone to the client can definitely take benefit of google alerts as well.

If you wish to get noticed online for career search, do try the great service by Google. You can check the career opportunities in your desired country through google alerts as well.

This is just a brief introduction of google alerts. Try this and share it with your friends. It is our motto to share valuable stuff with our visitors and if you feel anything to add in it, do share your thoughts with us.

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