United States Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce Summit 2018

United States Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was found in 1979 and is headquartered in Washington. The chamber has held annual conventions where all the local Hispanic business owners network with the Fortune 100 corporations for the growth and prosperity of their businesses.

Apart from the annual national conference, it also hosts a legislative yearly summit which allows the chamber executives to meet the representatives of the Congress. 

The hot topic of discussion in the united states Hispanic Chamber of commerce Summit 2018 was how to create policies that will support American Businesses by working together in this unpredictable era of partisanship.

The summit provides a platform for America’s Business people to connect with the elected officials and together they can brainstorm for the ideas that will help in economic growth, flourishing business and ultimate progress of the country.


Despite the recent departure of Former U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO, Javier Palomarez, the committee is charging forward and working to improve Hispanic business relations. The annual contribution of 4.37 million Hispanic owned businesses to the American economy is almost 700 billion dollars. The summit’s mission is to promote the development growth and interests of these 4.37 million businesses.

Another critical area of discussion was the role of women in the United States Government’s daily functions. The participants were addressed by both, Republican and Democrat female chiefs where they emphasized on the vital roles of the participants in the legislative procedure.

The expectations from the legislators include drafting of policies that help in the growth of small business as well as supports the Hispanic community. These policies include bank regulations, tax policy, immigration and much more. This milestone cannot be achieved without unity among the small business owners, chamber members, and corporate executives.

The summit was addressed by Beto O’Rourke, Texas Senate Challenger, who emphasized on the future relationship of the United States and Mexico that heavily depends on his vision of the fate of dreamers and the treatment of the Hispanic Business Community in the country.

The summit discussed restructuring the make-up of the board of directors. The various regions of the country can be represented by the additional six local representatives of the chamber. In this way, we can show our urgency and prioritization of efforts regarding the local Hispanic owned businesses and plan a purpose-driven and bright future ahead for them. This new structure will also increase the input across the network of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


The United States Hispanic Chamber of commerce is inclined towards the promotion of growth, development and interests of 4.37 million Hispanic owned businesses, as well as more than 260 major American Corporations, are actively supported and promoted by them.

It is an umbrella for more than 200 local chamber members that gather together every year to work in the best interests of the Hispanic Community and provide with the best possible solutions for the issues so that their business may prosper and progress in long terms.


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