6 Reasons Why Charging Stations are a “Must Have” for Trade Show Booths


The trade show is a crowded place, and lots of people come here for a variety of purposes. Everyone carries phones with them, especially the smartphone. In a research, it has found that 90% of the visitors in a trade show use their smartphone during the visit. So, most of the visitors find out their phone is out of charge, and they look for a charging station.

Have you noticed that some stalls have a free charging point on their booth? Maybe you are wondering why they are offering it to the visitors. Well, there are some benefits for the booth owner too. Here I am going to share top 6 reasons why you should have charging stations for trade show booths.

  1. Keep Attendees at Your Booth Longer

No matter if you have some surprising offers in your booth, people will not spend enough time there for sure. But when you are offering free charging stations, will find lots of visitors are spending enough time in the booth. While they are charging the phone, will also the offers from you. That means, with a single trick you are getting the audience attention.

  1. Engage Attendees

Most of the agencies find it difficult to maintain better engagement with their business. The booths which have charging stations will automatically get better engagement. People willingly spend their time on the charging stations.

  1. Sponsors

If you want to take some sponsors for your booths, it is essential to prove that you will get huge traffic to your booth. It is possible with some simple charging stations. Sponsors will find out you are getting the attention of the audiences and they will happily offer you a sponsorship. Based on the type of your business, you may get a variety of sponsors.

  1. Branding

Think the charging station as a branding method. When you want to do the branding for your business in a conventional way, need to spend enough money for it. Also, you need to hire some super professional marketers. This will cost you a lot. But when you have the charging points on the booth, the branding will be done automatically. People will willingly come to your stall, and they will know about your brand.

  1. Stand Out From Your Competitors

When you are in a competitive industry, there will be lots of competitors for your business. It is so tough to be stand out from the crowd. But, as I have mentioned before, with free charging points, you will have enough attendees. That means you can reach for a large number of audience. This will keep you ahead of your competitors for sure.

  1. Cost Effective

The best part of this trick is, it is the quickest and cost-effective method for getting something extra. It will not cost you a lot to install some charging stations. You can find some affordable trade show charging station installation offers from here exhibeportable.com/trade-show-charging-stations.html. Just choose the right offer from the list and be the boss of your business field.


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