The 5 Technologies We Need to Change the World


Do you love to enjoy some science fiction movies? Have you noticed there several new things which you have imagined previously? Well, the blessing of technology in human life is just incredible. Giant tech companies are investing more and more to invent new things. Some of them are enough to change the whole world.

If you don’t know what are the recent inventions in the tech industry that can help you to change the world, here I am sharing top 5 technologies with you.

1.Organic Printing

Have you heard about the 3D printer? This is an amazing way to make your things yourself with a minimum cost. 3D printers can print real plastics, metals and ceramics. You need to just command with your PC, and it will be printed with the 3D printer. Now, there is a small version of its which is a 3D pen. Just draw something and get it instantly.

2.Virtual Reality

Do you have introduced with the google cardboard or the latest VR player of Samsung? Though most of the people are using them for entertainment, but it can be a great thing if you have some design sense. Without the real materials, you can draw a design with the virtual reality. Microsoft and some other tech giants are already working with it.

3.Advanced Bio-Engineering

Biomedical engineering is an excellent way to remove different disabilities and sickness from a human. Some companies have made artificial mosquito which enters the human body to destroy the bacteria and virus. Also, there is an invention which helps the blind person to get a realistic view of the device.

4.Ultracapacitor Batteries

At least 80% of the smartphone users are not satisfied with the battery performance of their phone. Because most of the batteries required a longer duration to be charged and remain only for several hours in case of heavy usage. But Ultracapacitor batteries will instantly charge. That means you can charge the battery just before you are going out for some works.

5.Wireless Power

Think that you don’t have to connect your phone to the charger for charging. You will keep your phone in the car, and it will be charged automatically. Is it imaginary? No, some tech giants like Tesla are researching on this technology. When you don’t need batteries, then planes, trains electric cars, and personal electronics will become smaller and far more reliable.


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