Why I think Social Media is for Branding and Engagement, Not Traffic or Revenue


Social media has grown exponentially over the past few years. Nowadays you’ll hardly find anyone without any form of social media account. Previously businesses were just being introduced to these social networks and their massive power.

Businesses that understood its importance at an early stage benefited the most from it. They published their material through these platforms and received significant sales as there were less noise and clutter of information. People would click on anything that came up on their news feed as the content was quite limited.

Social Media in Present Times

Times have changed drastically now. There is an ocean of information available which the average user can’t consume fully. Therefore you’ll see people scrolling past posts that don’t appeal to them without giving it a second thought. Social media is no longer a platform to generate leads and sales for your business. It’s merely a conversation that helps you connect with your potential customer.

Companies that are performing well on social media presently provide personalized services and social experiences to their clients. Analyzing these companies which include NASA, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines etc. will help you understand their tactics and draft your strategy accordingly.

Social Media suitable for particular things only

In all honesty, social media is becoming an engagement medium. It won’t drive significant traffic for your business or help you achieve your marketing goals. Rather it serves as a medium to create brand awareness. Instead of focusing on sales, you can provide customized services to your customers by connecting with them one-to-one. It will help you understand their concerns and take credible reviews to improve on your business strategy.

The opportunities with social media are endless. You can initiate proper engagement regarding your brand by creating quality content. Make sure that your content is unique, entertaining and engage your audience to respond as well. Social media has become a platform to engage with your customer base rather than simply flaunting your banner ads to them.

Social Media in a Nut Shell

Social media won’t provide you with quality organic reach to meet your sale targets. However, by proper utilization of chat-box features and providing customer support, you can create a loyal customer base for your brand. Engagement is the future of social media as people tend to use it to connect with the brands and seek authentic information about their different queries.


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