4 Signs that it is Time to Really Think about Your Career


For most people, they tend to lose interest in their job and their excitement withers off. Everyday going to their office becomes harder and more challenging. This can potentially jeopardize your career and make you lose sight of your own professional goals. Therefore always be on a lookout for the following signs that your job is ruining your career.

Excitement for New Projects

New projects are opportunities for employees to learn new things and manifest their leadership skills. If you start getting bored of taking on new projects and it simply becomes “more work”, you really need to consider your career. Loss of interest in your job will lead you to explore little potential of yourself and you will feel stuck at your job. Therefore it’s important to withdraw from that job as your productivity is being affected.

A repetitive set of motions

If you wake up, go to work, attend meetings and answer emails then it means your job has become a continuous life cycle of repetitive motions. Doing your job with your eyes closed is equivalent to being a robot. Therefore it’s important to reevaluate your job. Your workplace should challenge you to learn new things rather than keeping you at a standstill.

Competitive Salary

Staying at a job for too long wouldn’t just hurt your career goals but rather would put a strain on your pocket as well. According to research employees that leave an unsatisfactory job tend to make 50% more than employees that stay. Some people fear that people will consider them a job hopper and it would reflect negatively on their CV. However, staying at the same job wouldn’t offer you many professional opportunities therefore it’s important to be adaptive to change.

Complains everywhere

Who wants to stay at a job that they are always complaining about? Being grumpy with your work is a sign of unhappiness. Your close friends and co-workers will realize a shift in your attitude towards your workplace. A little vent about the job is okay but complaining all the time can have tremendous negative effects on your personal and professional life. People will try to avoid working with you.

Therefore if you find any of these signs at your workplace, it’s important to reevaluate your choices. Be brave and confident to accept new places and changes. If you are happy at your workplace, you can have a flourishing career.


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