3 Reasons Why You Should Own Multiple Domains


Buying multiple domains is becoming a common thing for blog owners like me and you (most probably). Buying a domain requires nothing more than a sacrifice of 2 chilled beers, which I’m sure you can bear! Following are 3 reasons which, in my opinion prove that if affordable, one should buy multiple domain names

1) Competition Of Multiple Domains

Multiple DomainsCurrently, there are hundreds of domains purchased worldwide on a daily basis. So it won’t be surprising if you searched for a domain name today and it was available, but when you try to check out after a week, it’s bought by someone else! Then unwillingly, most of you would add a hyphen (-) to that domain name, making it more boring and difficult for yourself and others. So if you just got an idea that you could do something with a new domain, buy it as soon as you can! Time doesn’t wait for anyone, my friend!

2) The Price Of Multiple Domains

Multiple Domains

This is not really a ‘must know’ point, but it is still important. Currently, domain names are really affordable if one has good future plans about the same. Imagine if you really wanted to buy a domain “(something).com” today but you thought of buying it after a couple of months and during that time, a re-seller bought it and listed it on sale for $1000! The situation would be like the position of Man City (the re-seller) and Man Utd (you) in Premier League 2012! So decide fast before someone adds more digits to it!

3) Busy? No worries!

Multiple DomainsAlready handling 2 or more sites/blogs? No worries! The minimum registration for a domain name is 1 year. Anything can happen in a year! You might decide to become a full-time blogger! So it is advised that you shouldn’t worry about keeping the domains in the pocket. You can always use them anytime (during their active period). I myself own 6 domains, out of which 3 are unused. I’ve made good plans for the future and will surely go accordingly! So just keep the domains in your account because you never know when you will feel like starting to write, right?

Alright! So head over to buy the domains! GoDaddy has always been the best option for me, and millions! So head over there and start buying multiple domains!


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