5 Tips to Manage Your Twitter News Feed


Social media marketing is becoming important day by day. Twitter is one of the best social media platforms. You can lead your audience easily with your Twitter account. There are different tools for proper Twitter marketing.

Also, there is some Twitterfeed alternative in online, and you can use them to get more benefit of Twitter. I used twitter feed to send my blog feed to twitter for past years, and sadly after twitter feed was taken over by bit.ly I was looking for an alternative.

After trying a few tools I now settled for tweeps.co, it’s a twitter feed alternative that I have found. However, here I am sharing 5 cool tips to manage your Twitter news feed with less effort.

  1. Follow the Right People

It is important to follow the person who is beneficial for you. Sometimes we see people are following a lot of individuals without checking the profiles. If you are in a particular business, try to find people in the same industry. Then sort them based on their profile engagement and follower.

Only follow the real persons. You will find some fake profiles, avoid them and follow more real people of your industry. There are some tools available in online that helps to filter people based on different factors.

  1. Unfollow Inactive Persons

Don’t be afraid to unfollow people if they are not necessary for you. If you have already followed a lot of individuals and most of them are not the real person, you should start to unfollow them. You can do the task manually if you have enough time. Otherwise, you can use a Twitter tool.

  1. Create List

Most of the people miss this feature of Twitter. You can make a list of different people on Twitter. There is no need for additional tools for it. You can do in with the settings of your account. The “List” feature allows the users to categorize people. You can create different lists for business people, family, friends and so on.

  1. Turn of Retweet if Needed

There are so many people on Twitter who retweet a lot without any reason. For example, they never see what have you shared on Twitter; they retweet it. Even some people retweet more than a tweet.

This is a significant issue for you. You can unfollow them, but sometimes you need to increase the number of your follower. In that case, just visit their profile page, click on more actions and choose to turn off retweet. They will not be able to retweet your tweets anymore.

  1. Schedule Your Tweet

To get more engagement to your twitter account, you need to tweet regularly. You can easily schedule your tweets. There are so many free tools in online that allows the user to schedule tweets.



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