How to Manage Money Better


Properly managing your money can make you rich. No matter in which profession you are or how much do you earn per month, you always need a proper plan for spending the money. If you have so many credits, managing your money is evident for you. It is not a difficult task if you know the proper steps to managing it.

If you are struggling a lot and don’t know what to do, then here are my tips which you can follow.

1. Track Your Spending

The first step of managing your money is to identify where you are spending your earnings. You can keep a diary, or you can also use a smartphone app for the task. Schedule it for the 30 days of the month. Now, make a budget for the different spending of that month. Though it’s hard to identify which are most important, you can do it by analyzing the previous month. Now, keep the record of each spending which will help you to know where you are spending much money though it is not necessary.

2. Diversify Your Investment

The world famous rich businessman Warren Buffet has a famous saying which is stated as “don’t keep all eggs in one basket.” That means you should never invest all your money only in one sector. Because no one can say which business is going to be fall in the upcoming days. So, successful investors always diversify their investment based on their demand. You can follow the tricks for easy management of your money.

3. Keep Your Credit Cards Out of the Wallet

Does it sound weird? But it is a proven method to avoid more credits. When you have the credit card in your wallet all the time, you don’t think about the spending, and sometimes it becomes uncontrollable. Only take your credit cards when you know you want to buy something important. This will save your money for sure.

4. Don’t Blind Trust

If you have some financial professionals and you always take their suggestions, then this tips is for you. Never blind trust a professional, because no one can assume a thing entirely. To minimize the risk of losing money, this is a must follow tips.

5. Learn Basic Financial Educations

If you are not familiar with different terms of the finance, you should learn the basics. You will find them on the web. When you know different terms of the investment, there is less chance of spending money to a sector which is not important at all.


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