3 Reasons Your E-business Needs An Internet Law Attorney

Internet Law Attorney

With all types of businesses now moving online, the e-commerce landscape is evolving by the day and so are the laws and regulations that govern internet commerce worldwide.

Whether yours is an SME e-commerce store specializing in a niche service or a leading web store selling high-end automobiles, your internet-based company requires the expertise of a specialist lawyer to navigate the various aspects of online commerce.

Here are 3 reasons why an e-commerce store may need the services of an internet law attorney.

E-commerce agreements

Say you are an established clothing company that intends to purchase a couple of not-so-successful online retailers and turn them around into successful businesses. Or you may be a start-up entrepreneur wanting to take your operations online. Any kind of sale or purchase of an e-commerce website requires compliance with a host of different laws and bylaws and extensive documentation, including of course the sale agreement.

From drawing up a purchase or sale contract to carrying out the essential legal formalities involved in registering a new business entity, the services of an e-commerce lawyer are required at each step of the way.

Domain name disputes

Domain name registration and incorporation of a new business is itself a process rid with legalities. However, the need to consult an experienced lawyer for your e-store does not end there.

If you have been in the e-commerce domain for a while, you must be familiar with the term cybersquatting, which refers to the unethical and illegal practice of registering successful brand names and company names as internet domains. This is done by cybersquatters to profit from a product’s success by selling the product online.

An e-commerce attorney specializing in domain name disputes is the right professional to represent a business affected by cybersquatting and help them claim damages against the losses incurred due to this malpractice.

Data breach

A data breach attorney will help you ensure compliance with local and international privacy laws, offer a detailed analysis of breach-related liability, safeguard your operations against liability arising out of potential data breach, formulate an appropriate response plan to any incidence of data breach and, last but not least, take up litigation for your organization if the need arises.

In addition, an attorney specializing in data breach is equipped to review your company’s privacy policies in order to provide an in-depth overview of potential risk factors that could expose you to violation of privacy laws.

Hiring a lawyer for e-commerce is a decision that requires careful consideration on part of the decision-makers of an internet business. An e-business must only engage the services of a legal firm that has the experience and the expertise of handling e-commerce-related issues, which can range from something as basic as trademark registration to complex litigation issues such as cybersquatting, data breach, defamation lawsuits, and so forth.

So do your research and hire an internet business lawyer or law firm that can be entrusted the critical task of overseeing the legal aspect of your operations.


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