3 Ways To Increase Social Media Sharing


Undoubtedly, social media sharing of your posts is one of the important factors to achieve a good PR rank. Moreover,  the more your content is shared, the better chances of you have to get more traffic on the blog. Apart from getting traffic through social media, you might even just get a few followers and fans on your networks – you never know!

Hence, if put in a short sentence, social media sharing is one of the most important necessities of your blog and one shouldn’t avoid that at any cost (though there’s no cost!).

So here are three ways how you can increase social media sharing of your blog posts, and hence enjoy its evergreen advantages –

The Right Placement

Bloggers often place social media buttons somewhere on the page which are hardly visible to the reader. Hence, the right placement of the social media buttons is mandatory as the reader should be easily able to see the buttons. Preferably, a floating sharebar is one of the best platforms to place your social buttons, and as it is floating from top to the bottom (without disturbing reader, of course), it should easily attract the visitor to get a click or two!
Just in case you like the floating sharebar on my blog, allow me to let you know that it isn’t any plugin! Yes – it’s just pure (yet simple) coding which is only possible with the Thesis Theme! Hence, get your floating sharebar without any plugin now!

The Act Of Asking

social media sharingMany bloggers often have a fixed statement under every post, asking the reader to comment and share the post. This practice isn’t bad, actually it’s a really good way to give a personal touch to the posts. Some blogs even have boxes with attractive text such as “Share It Homeh!” etc. So practicing something like that isn’t a harm and might just prove to be great for your blog.

But make sure you don’t annoy your readers by putting up annoying statements. Just keep it simple, yet attractive.

From Your Side, Too

Not very often, but you should keep on sharing your posts as a part of social media sharing activity because someone on your social network might just love it and share it too, hence increasing the number of shares on that social media network.

But I’ve seen many bloggers sharing their stuff every now and then, annoying the crap out of me (as a reader). Hence, make sure you keep it low and always try to communicate with your readers about your posts, their posts, your blog, their blog, and probably any gossip!

Hence, those were three tips to increase social media sharing on your blog and you can even share this post, if you feel like!


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