How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Blog


No doubt that to increase the traffic on your blog, you need to increase the number of pageviews that you receive on it. You might be receiving a satisfactory or good number of unique visitors, but the thing to notice is whether or not are those visitors reading more of your content once they land on your blog.
The more content read by those visitors, the higher number of page views the blog gets. Also, private advertisers are always interested in the number of page views rather than the number of unique visitors because it shows how much are the visitors reading on your blog. Following are some ways on how to increase pageviews of your blog.

Make Use Of Excerpts

If you’re using a blog layout on your homepage or any other page, be sure to use excerpts on the homepage. In short, do not show full posts altogether. This will not only decrease the potential incoming comments but will also prevent the visitors to easily navigate through the other posts. If your blog is updated daily, this can be a disaster.


As mentioned several times on this blog, I always love the art of interlinking. Not only does it help the reader to learn more about the mentioned points in detail, but also helps in on-page SEO. But make sure you only interlink relevantly. For example, interlinking the word ‘money’ with an article titled ‘How To Make Money Blogging’ is not as relevant as it should be.

Showing Related Posts

Once the reader is done reading your article(s), you should always present them with ‘related’ posts under the post. This is easily done if you’re using WordPress as a platform. The related posts are normally chosen in two ways – 1) By the ‘tags’ used or 2) By the category the specific post belongs to.
Always make sure the display of the related posts is attractive. The use of images is a great advantage for this. You can visit this list of best-related posts plugins and choose a good one that suits your blog. These plugins will definitely help you on how to increase pageviews of your blog.

Posts On Sidebar

It is recommended that you show ‘popular posts’ or ‘recent posts’ or even ‘random posts’ on the sidebar of your blog. This will just help your readers to read some great posts on your blog which they might have missed out, or might just make your visitors read something they didn’t come looking for – and they might just love it!
Some plugins in the link above also provide sidebar widgets – you hence need not go for other plugins. But undoubtedly there are special plugins for getting the sidebar widgets.

Use Of Archive and Category Pages

Archive and/or category pages are always useful if someone is looking for a tonne of information in a special category. What you, as the blog owner, need to do is to correctly place the category links so that they’re visible to the readers. They can hence visit the category pages. Most visitors often the articles in a new tab – hence helping you on how to increase pageviews of your blog.

Follow the above methods, and you should gradually see an increase in the number of pageviews your blog receives. If I didn’t mention above – quality content plays a vital role.


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