Expert Suggests Yelp Alternative to Market Your Business


“Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern” is quite a popular show and if you are a food junkie as me, you will certainly enjoy it. A surprising revelation was made by the show’s host about Yelp recently. Andrew Zimmern proclaimed that Yelp is simply useless and there are better alternatives to this.

Why not Yelp?

Andrew Zimmern backs his argument by saying that Yelp doesn’t have authenticated source of expert opinions. The site basically crowdsources opinions from people that have no expertise or clue about this food industry. People would read through these amateur recommendations and would visit even below average places.

Zimmern points fingers onto the site’s credibility and doesn’t recommend it to his viewers. Some companies have drastically hurt Yelp’s credibility as they pay to attain fake reviews on the site. This results in an exaggerated advertisement for the company and provides people with the wrong information.

Alternative to Yelp

So what other alternatives you have instead of using Yelp for recommendations. Andrew claims that he basically searches for local chefs or foodies in that particular area of his visit. After identifying these people, he would see their social media accounts and would take authentic recommendations from there. This ensures that Andrew gets to eat at the best spots of the area recommended by experts of their fields.

This doesn’t imply that Yelp is a worthless and useless option. Undoubtedly, Yelp has helped many people in making their dining decisions effectively. But it shouldn’t be the only resource for scouting the best food places in a new town or area. You should be open to other options that can benefit you more in this regard.

Things to do as a Business

Analyzing Andrew’s opinion, you will realize that he’s quite right in his suggestion. Companies should focus on influencer marketing rather than paying for reviews. Influencer marketing will be followed up by positive reviews if the business maintains its standards.

As a business owner, you should engage bloggers, foodies and quality chefs to review your place and provide constructive opinion and criticism. Making a sound customer base isn’t a simple process but requires utmost dedication and patience. Therefore don’t rush into things and let your food quality speak for itself. If you provide quality food at competitive prices, customers will certainly come rushing in through your doors. You will have a customer base that appreciates the quality and charm of your local business.


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