Editors Wanted at ParaDon Books Publishing 


ParaDon Books Publishing​ is looking for freelance editors to work  with authors who submit manuscripts to the publishing house.

ParaDon Books is a new publishing house with a unique business model. Authors submit manuscripts and the lead editorial team assigns the book to a freelance editor who works within that genre. Both editors have to agree the manuscript has merit. If the freelance editor rejects the book, the senior editor assigns it to another freelancer.

Editors are given manuscripts to review (and correct) via the editing network; https://www​.paradonbooks.com/editors-login.​

ParaDon Books need people with strong and proven editing skills in the genres they cover; horror, sci-fi, adventure, mystery, suspense-thriller, hard-boiled, erotica, romance, regional, poetry-chapbook, fantasy, espionage, urban fiction, chick-lit, western, African topic, short-stories, experimental, young adult, graphic novel, children book, memoir, cookbook, how-to, travel, religion, history and true crime.

The publisher is seeking editors that will respects their authors (and their protagonist’s) point of view, the genre, and the style of the original writing. Someone who will take a manuscript and direct the author in ways to improve it by providing honest feedback and constructive advice. Because editors will be peered to authors based on their chosen categories, it is very important that editors who are applying for a position within the publishing company create a very detailed profile that will tell the Chief Editor, Celina​ Marka,​ why they should be approved/hire, and what kind of writers they’ll like to be assign to.

What kinds of editing have you done in the past? Can you share some tips you have learned from editing others work? Put that in the resume you submit to ParaDon Books so they will know just how serious you are and if you have the skills the company needs.

Upon approval, ParaDon Books may ask for the applicant’s past editorials, or if he or she could edit a rough draft they provide as a test. This is done so that the publisher would know how you edit.

If you think you are ready to help other writers be their best, editors can sign up to be a part of ParaDon Books Publishing, at https://paradonbooks.com/community/myaccount/index.php.​ Once your application / account-profile has been reviewed and approved, Celina Marka​will welcome you, train you on how to use the website, and start assigning you to prospective authors.

Every Author at ParaDon Books Publishing will have their own editor, marketer, and graphic designer. And it will be your job as an editor book to make sure that our books are readable and flow from start to finish. To be considered, remember to create a very detailed profile that includes your professional picture, social media sites, academic credentials, brief bio, contacts, and editorial credits.

We need editors who are efficient with these areas of editing; Proofreading, Copyediting, and Developmental editing. And the editors will responsible for manuscript corrections listed below.

  • Structural issues (reorganizing, cutting, expanding)
  • Plot flow
  • Sequencing
  • Pacing
  • Point of view
  • Dialogue, scene, and character development
  • Narrative and character arcs
  • Transitions
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Syntax
  • Minor language repetition
  • Spelling
  • Formatting errors/inconsistencies etc.

Bottom line, you will serve as the allies between ParaDon Books Publishing and their future authors, and it would your job to make sure that your writer’s voice can reach every reader within the globe. ParaDon Books Editors are also urged to create a public social media public at, https://paradonbooks​.com/social/signin.​

For more information visit, https://www​.paradonbooks.com.​


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