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The non-profit industry amasses million in charity through online fundraising. In this world where everyone wishes to be better, it comes as no shock that increasingly more organisations are wanting to upgrade their online fundraising setup. It has become their subsistence.

Just like anything else for online fundraising, multiple options are available for, and this makes it harder to find the right donation tool. It makes no difference if you are a well-established group, or beginners, the importance of a reliable fundraising platform remains the same.

For donors, online methods for raising funds are easier, and they feel a lot safer, which in turn encourages them to donate again. This platform lets organisations collect more info about the donors, collect from a larger group of individuals (the whole internet) and acts as an advertisement. Not a bad deal eh!


Donorbox is a powerful software dedicated to fundraising, but at the same time, extremely easy and simple to set-up. It offers fast solutions with many features, from which anyone can raise funds.

More than 7000 to 10000 organizations spread across 25 countries use the Donorbox software. It is undoubtedly the best WordPress fundraising plugin. You can easily embed a custom form on your site or even use a pop-up widget.

Why use it?

A lot of you might be wondering, “Why is this such a big deal?” or “What’s so great about this particular fundraising plugin?”. This WordPress plugin readily provides you with all the necessities and more to embed a Donor box donation form on your website.

Customizable Forms

With Donor box you don’t need to about any copy work, you can create and customize your form, with relative ease. Forms can be made ready for utilization in as much as 15-minutes, and you can also brand your donation page. Your colour, your style, your design and your logo. Then go ahead and choose your input fields. You may choose to collect only the minimal required input from donors for legal purposes or campaigns or contracts.

Having set input, especially in the amount section greatly quickens the completion of the form. But this hinders some donors, so this choice is also going to be by your liking.

Easy Fundraising

By using this plugin, you are putting your fundraising plea in-front of the entire world. Donors participate through Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and ACH payments are also accepted. You can accept multiple currencies through this.

Our seamless employer donation matching feature can double your donations. The forms the localized in multiple languages including, English, Spanish, French and German. Auto-detect also works.

Automated Actions

You can have these forms right on your website. And can also set up a Donate button on the page that emails and deploys them as pop-ups. All you need to do is copy and paste, the plugin generates all the codes. These forms are pre-optimized for desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Donors can easily set-up monthly donations, with just a click. Every time a donation occurs, an automated personalized receipt email is sent to the donor that they only require setting up once.

Donorbox uses Stripe and PayPal as their gateway to transfer all the donation to the provided account. This is done on your selected schedule and is automatic. Recurring donor of-course are serviced with login details to manage their details.


All the donations can be managed from the dashboard. Receipts can be resent, donations updated even after completion and even refunding is possible if needed.

Donation details are exported as CSV files, for any time-periods you want. Financial year-end reporting or think tax season. You can add manual donations, for example, cash or cheques to the record, to make your campaign record more precise.

Optional Integrations

Optional integrations are also allowed on Donor box so you have additional features and can make the campaign even cooler than it is.

  • MailChimp: One of the world’s leading email marketing services.
  • Employer Gift Matching: Raise double the donations.
  • Salesforce NPSP 3 Integration: Easily analyze your donor data to maintain positive relationships.

Security Concerns

If you are wondering about the level of security Donor box comes with, worry not. The Donor box plugin is fully PCI compliant, and all the data is protected by SSL/TLS technology. Using Stripe as the gateway, all the credit card information is encrypted, tokenized and stored securely.

Both PayPal and Stripe process the payments for maximum efficiency. These two particular payment processors were chosen because they operate on the most strict and uncompromising security protocol standards. No data about the client or the donations are shared with any third-party.


Non-profit professional seldom lacks vision, ideas, or enthusiasm. The challenge is always to come up with sufficient funds to safeguard the spirit of their organisation while continuing toward their mission.

Donorbox offers an extensive variety of features. Although online fundraising har become common, the speed at which technology develops is astonishing. This can leave the non-profits unequipped to further improve. We can help you get the most out of it.


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