5 Reasons To Quit Your Current Niche Blog


Every blog has its first day. There’s not a single blog out there that has achieved success overnight. The same scenario applies to your blog(s) as well. I never advice any body to quit blogging, and even in this post I am not asking you to quit blogging. All I’m asking you is to quit your current blog, if the following facts are true. You’ll understand more of it when you read the full post. The moment of deciding to quit a blog is always very sad because the blog owner must have put dedicated hours into it, and probably spent some cash as well. Nevertheless, the blog didn’t make it through. Thus, following are 5 reasons why you should quit your current blog.

There’s Rarely Someone Who Reads It

You can definitely track whether or not is your blog being read by people or not. Tools such as Google Analytics can provide you with the exact statistics. Thus, if you’re receiving less than 100 hits a day – there’s no point waste your time writing for it. One year is enough to generate good traffic on a daily basis. Therefore, do not get satisfied with the mere 80-100 hits.

There’s No Pagerank

Believe it or not – Google pagerank is a vital factor to rank higher on search engines. If your blog hasn’t achieved any PR, it clearly means that either Google doesn’t really like your content and there’s hardly any blog linking to you (meaning that you’ve not built back links). You don’t really need to read more on how to increase google pagerank because it is too late. One year has around 4 PR updates, and if you didn’t even achieve PR1 in any of the updates – it’s useless to even think about it.

There’s No Money

If you started blogging with the intention of making money from it, you weren’t wrong. But if you didn’t succeed, then there’s no point of waiting more. If coming down to the least figure anyone could imagine – if your blog hasn’t made enough to pay for its first year’s hosting, it has actually made nothing.

There’s No Sharing

Well, this is actually obvious. If there’s no traffic, or very less traffic for that matter, having good social sharing digits is just not possible. This also proves that the blog doesn’t have any reputation on social media sites. Why do people share your content on social media? Because they like it. Therefore, ‘no shares’ also prove that the content is just not worth it!

There’s No Future Plan

Every blog-owner expects, hopes and plans something for the blog’s future. If you don’t have any such plan for your blog right now, don’t bother thinking of one. It’s too late and totally worthless now. Future plans should be made for blogs that have a good-flowing present. If your blog has all the above properties, then there’s no need to plan any future goal that is just not achievable.

What To Do Now?

As mentioned all over the article, that you’re asked to quit your current blog – not your blogging dream! There’s always a new domain name waiting for you. There’s a server waiting for you to install a Blogging Client and a beautiful theme such as the Thesis WordPress Theme on it. There’s Google Analytics Waiting for you to show immense stats. There’s Paypal waiting for you to show 5 digit figures! You got to forget the past, start a present and enrich the goals. Be like the turtle in the image above. Work smart, not hard. Success flows in when you want it to.


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