4 Reasons Why You Should Use Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Most businesses that market their product on the Internet tend to stick to strategies like search engine advertising, social media ads, and so on while completely ignoring content marketing.

And this is a sad state of affairs since you can easily generate more leads and sales by smartly using your published content. Below, we look at four reasons why you should consider using content marketing for your business.

  1. Create Authority

Content marketing helps to establish your business as an authority in the niche. For example, if you sell beauty products, then publishing regular content that focuses on beauty tips will make you a trusted resource for thousands of people. They will keep visiting your website regularly for updates. And when they visit a store to buy a skin care product, they are more likely to buy your brand since they already trust you.

Plus, you can also set up online sales channels that can convert the regular visitors into paying customers. This will not only make selling existing products easy, but you will also be able to launch new products and generate massive sales instantly by utilizing your readership.

  1. Excellent To Generate Organic Search

A big benefit of content marketing is that it allows you to take advantage of organic search traffic. If you are paying for ads to be placed on search engine results pages, then you must know that it is quite expensive.

But by publishing top-notch content, you can get right into the first page of Google and generate tens and thousands of visitors to your website. This is obviously far more profitable than paying for every single click in PPC ads. Make sure to hire an excellent digital marketing firm like Mighty 8th Media who can help you come up with a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

  1. Excellent ROI

Every marketing tactic must be economically viable. What this means is that the money you invest in marketing must generate a return that will be profitable enough to justify the cost of the marketing. So, if you spend $1000 in marketing expenses, you need to generate at least $1001 in order for the marketing expense to be profitable.

And when it comes to content marketing, its Return on Investment (ROI) is excellent. It is estimated that content marketing results in almost three times the leads as outbound marketing tactics like advertisements with only 62% of the cost.  So, if you have been spending too much on advertisements, then you should start reallocating your marketing expense.

  1. Go Viral

Content marketing also allows you to benefit from the viral nature of the internet. If you publish good content and people start liking it, then you can literally pull in millions of visits overnight to your website.

You will have to spend a tremendous amount of money to generate that kind of traffic if you had opted for PPC or similar methods.  But with content marketing, such huge traffic is possible with only a fraction of the cost.


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