3 Reasons To Comment Without Caring About ‘DoFollow’


It has been mentioned thousands of time on several different blogs about the act of blog commenting, passing out the message that it is an activity that helps in increasing traffic, building backlinks and building relationships. However, not many of the site-owners just comment on any site. They look for something called the ‘DoFollow’ tag in the links. Such commentators don’t really care about any other advantage such as the traffic, building relations etc. All they need is a bunch of ‘dofollow backlinks’ on a daily basis. Following is a quick definition of the term of DoFollow.

As the title says, the article will discuss on why one should not care about the site allowing the comment links to be DoFollow or not.

What Is DoFollow?

DoFollow is an ‘imaginary tag’ in a link. It is the opposite of a ‘nofollow’ tag which can be added to any outbound link within a post/page. DoFollow links are links that are taken into consideration by search engines, while NoFollow links are usually ignored by search engines. Therefore, DoFollow links pass Page Rank.

Here’s Why Not To Care About DoFollow

Following are three major reasons as to why you, and everyone, shouldn’t care about the site allowing the links to be DoFollow. Therefore, the only thing you should do is – comment, without caring about anything.

Building Connections

Search engines will surely bring in traffic for your blog, but so will will relationships with different visitors. Comments are made to appreciate the author for the piece of work, or to argue about the same. Either way, you’re building connections. Search engine visitors might visit your blog for a couple of times, but your connections will definitely visit your blog every now and then.

One thing to take care after building the connections is to main the same. Small engagements and conversations on social networking sites such as Twitter, Google Plus etc. are always worth the time.


As mentioned in the beginning that there are many site owners who do comment with the intention to increase traffic to their sites. There are several blogs, especially in ‘online’ niches (including everything that is being done online), which have the commentluv premium plugin which allows the commentators to show a link to one of the recent articles from the blog. Such links bring in a lot of traffic provided that the comment was worth reading!

Readers might also visit your sites through the link under your name, therefore bringing you more traffic. One has to accept that such traffic is not high, but you never know that some of of your regular readers might have come from a comment left somewhere – right?

Building Your Name & Reputation

What happens when you leave a comment somewhere? It is seen by the article readers. The comment contains your name, your image and your link(s). Comments are like visiting cards that you can leave at unlimited places. The only thing you need to take care of is the way you present yourself (by writing the comment) before handing over your visiting card!

When readers often see your comments, they might want to know you. Therefore, this builds your reputation amongst the ones who might have not even heard your name before, nor have been to your blog even once.

Winding Up

The above-mentioned reasons, although there are many more, clearly explain that DoFollow links should not be given the only priority. In fact, one shouldn’t just care whether the links in the comments section are DoFollow or NoFollow – why not just leave a comment and make life easier?


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