How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Cheaper Car Insurance

Majority of us are tired of car insurance and fuel expenses. Despite the hefty costs, living without our motor car is not an option. Therefore it’s essential to find ways to reduce the car insurance renewal quotes. A few tips that will help you drastically reduce the costs are listed below.

  • Comparison of Car Insurance

Mostly insurance companies would advertise their best insurance deals for new potential customers rather than existing ones. Therefore comparing insurance prices online will give you an idea on how much you can save just by switching insurers. Keep the voluntary excesses at the same level and add-in any overhead costs for accurate comparison.

  • Change your Excess

Before opting for a car insurance make sure that it has a high voluntary excess. You can visually see this by using car comparison tools and see the effect of increasing voluntary excess on annual insurance expenditure.

However, don’t get overboard with this as you will be required to pay it in case you claim insurance. Hence, set the market at a place that is convenient and affordable for you.

  • Take no-frills

Most people tend to get excited and put too many add-ons into their car insurance skyrocketing the costs. Legal expenses cover, usage of courtesy car, windscreen cover are mostly unnecessary things. Therefore don’t value an insurance company based solely on add-on features on your insurance deal.

  • Take into account the distance

Having an accurate idea about how many miles you will potentially drive your car every year can help you minimize the insurance costs. You can put a lower mileage cap than your previous insurance deal. For families with two cars, it’s ideal to do this as mostly a single car will be used more often than the other.

  • Stop paying through debit card

Most people spread costs of their auto insurance neglecting the fact that it will cost them quite more. Insurance companies tend to charge interest onto these deals therefore read through the terms and conditions carefully. In case you want to opt the deal of spreading out the costs, go for 0% purchase credit card policy to lower the expenditure.

  • Put limited people on policy

People just getting an auto insurance will get overexcited and tend to put everyone on the list that may potentially drive the car. It’s recommended that you don’t do this and just add regular drivers to the deal. In case someone requires the motor vehicle for a few days, you can add their name at a later stage.

Keeping in mind these simple tips will help you get a cheaper car insurance policy that is effective and fulfills all your motor requirements. There are plenty of other means by which you can reduce the costs of motoring.

Keeping you tires properly inflated and checking pressure every few weeks will allow your motor to consume less fuel. Also, don’t overburden your car with junk and clear out some weight. Lastly, be a consistent driver that doesn’t accelerate or brake harshly to ensure longevity of your car.


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