5 Tips To Enhance Your Business Branding

Business Branding

When people think of brand awareness, they usually just think about a company logo or slogan, but your business brand is about so much more than that.

Your company’s brand is reflected in every part of your business, so it’s important to create the right impression in all areas. A professional branding expert can help identify where your business’ branding is letting you down and provide you with some simple steps to try to enhance it.

Create the right impression

Your company logo, slogan, and overall style is what most people will see first, so make it eye catching and memorable, but also something which gives the right impression of what your company is about.

Your logo should be simple and should reflect what your company as a whole, or it can be a simple design based around the company name.  However you create your logo, whether you employ an expert or create it yourself, it needs to catch the eye, as well as compliment your company.

When creating a logo, you need to think carefully about colours and fonts. Choose colours which reflect your company style and try to stick to 2-3 main colours. Too many colours will make your brand look fussy and complicated and if the colours are too bright or too dark, it can make things harder to see.

When creating a logo or slogan the font you use is also very important. A nice scripted font may look good, but it may not prove easy for your customers to read.

Whichever font you use, try to make it something which you can use in your other communications as well. Most companies will choose a bold font for banners and headlines and a smaller, clear font for all text. Sticking with your choice of fonts is a good start to enhancing your brand awareness.

Be consistent

Consistency is important with everything you do, so that customers can get used to your style or brand. This applies not only to using the same logo or slogan, but in the manner in which you communicate.

Whether you send out written correspondence, use a blog or post on social media, all of your communications need to use the same layout and the same tone. Never think you can have one logo or slogan for written correspondence and another for your online presence. You need your customers to be able to identify immediately with your brand no matter where they find you. Everything should be well-written and easy to understand, avoiding technical jargon where possible.

One great method suggested by a professional branding expert is to create templates for everything you do. Whether it’s a letter, Facebook post or tweet, if you have a template and use it you can be sure of creating a consistent message.

Use social media

Social media can make or break a brand so it’s very important to use it wisely.

Always remember that social media is a very public platform where people will view your activity, so keep it professional and try to steer clear of personal posts. When creating posts, try to think of what message you want to get across and ask yourself if your message fits your brand.

If you sell baby clothes, for example, keep your posts about that industry or about childcare and welfare. Linking to charities is a good way to show people that you care about the community and you can even post about any company achievements.

Try where possible to interact with anyone who posts on your page, maybe inviting others to comment. Never get involved in any arguments and steer clear of political or religious rants. Your customer base is likely to be made up of people from all walks of life, so keep your posts and tone neutral.

When using social media, test which platform works best for you. If you blanket all social media platforms it can be a bit too much, so target 2-3 which work for you and stick to those. It also means people know where to find you.

A blog can also be a useful tool in creating a good business brand. A blog can be added to your own company website and can be linked to your industry regulations, your company information and ideas about your products.

Target the right areas

This may seem like an obvious thing but as any professional branding expert will tell you, this can often be overlooked.

Before you market your business brand, take the time to sit down and work out who exactly your product or service is aimed at. Once you have done that, you can research the best places to promote your brand.

A well placed social media message can reap much better rewards than simply posting your message everywhere you can find. You need to ensure that your message and brand are identified with the type of business you carry out and if you post in the wrong places then this won’t happen.

At first try to target just a handful of sites or groups. This will give you a good idea how your brand is being received and whether or not you need to make any changes. Always check for feedback for any posts you make and this can give you valuable insight in to how your brand is being received.

Some companies see negative feedback as something to dwell on. Instead use that feedback constructively and act on it so that your brand goes from strength to strength.

Make a plan and stick to it

One reason many brands fail is simply because companies lose interest in promoting themselves once their brand is recognised.

Creating a good plan to market your brand takes time and if you don’t stick to your plan, that time goes to waste and your brand will fail to get noticed.

There are many ways you can keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds and planning your activity means you can keep on top of this. If you post regularly on social media, it won’t take customers long to forget your brand if you stop posting.

There are many different posts you can create from offers on products to news items about your particular industry. Linking to other posts is a great way to interact with other businesses and you can even create polls to encourage customers to post on your pages.

With so many companies vying for the attention of customers, it’s ever more important to keep your brand in the public eye and make sure it gets noticed for the right reasons. A professional branding expert can cover all aspects of your business, helping to identify areas where you can enhance your brand and help develop your customer base.


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