7 Best SEO Blogs Worth Reading


A blog is where anyone can write about anything. Hence, there are blogs on the web in every niche known to man. One of those niches is the SEO niche. Therefore, this post covers seven worth reading SEO Blogs. I personally read the blogs mentioned here on a regular basis, and therefore I can say that the information passed and the content being delivered has always been of high quality and extremely helpful.

This list is not ordered in any manner. Therefore, the rank or any other factor of the following blogs are just not considered. While the blogs are my personal favorites, they’re not organized in a series or orderly manner.

Search Engine Journal

SEJ has been one of my favorite blogs ever since I started my blog. The blog is handled by quality guest bloggers, and of course by the staff members of the blog. Not only the quality of the blog is outstanding, but also its design. The design is attractive because even though the advertisements are good in number, they don’t disturb the readers in any manner. Also, all of the ads (private and CPC) are completely relevant.


SEOmoz Blog is one of the most read SEO blogs by anyone concerned slightly or highly about SEO. The blog has an extremely dedicated and qualified team of writers. Having their own SEO tools and software, the team knows every nut-N-bolt of how the search engines work. A simple proof of the blog’s level of proficiency is Google’s result page when “SEO” is the searched keyword.

Search Engine Land

With its simple design, SEL attract thousands of readers on a daily basis. Although the main topic of the blog is SEO, the blog shares quite a lot of content from different categories that somehow or the other way relate to SEO.

Search Engine Round Table

Although it seems that this blog is more like a forum because new ‘threads’ come out throughout the day, all the posts are worth it. Most of the posts on this blog are short, about 200-400 words. Yet, SERoundTable attracts thousands of readers on a daily basis. It is not one of those ‘yet another’ SEO blogs.


SEOBook is a somewhat different blog than the normal SEO blogs. That’s because it doesn’t really follow the characteristics of any normal blog such as displaying excerpts on homepage, allowing visitors to comment etc. Yet, the content that the blog delivers is really worth reading.

Search Engine Watch

SearchEngineWatch is also one my favorite SEO Blogs. Its organized articles, which reside into many categories, are perfectly arranged on the homepage and other archive pages. At any moment you land on the site, you’ll find a few worth reading articles for sure. I’ve been experiencing that since a long time, and so will you.

Search Engine Guide

Even though I really hate this blog’s design, I focus on its content and that is something that is worth reading! SEG doesn’t post very often, but I usually check out its articles and learn a lot. The posts often talk directly to the readers, making it more ‘reader-friendly’.


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