Amazing Guest Posting Benefits For New Blogs


New blogs often suffer getting enough attention because their name isn’t spread around the town yet. Many bloggers think that they should start guest posting after having a good number of posts on their blog, which is not true! Yes, you’ll see that I started guest blogging when I didn’t even have any idea of this blog (where you’re reading this article).

I believe that once a blog has a couple of posts on it, the blog owner should start guest posting on high PR sites. It literally doesn’t make any sense when one believes to have a good number of posts before guest posting.

Here’s a small list of some good sites to write a guest post are –

  • Comluv
  • BasicBlogTips
  • TheBadBlogger
  • MyBlogIsMyMoney (I’m Serious, 😀 ) and many more!

Benefits of Guest Posting for a New Blog

Guesting on High PR sites have several benefits. These include –

1) Search Engine Ranking

High PR sites always top Google Searches for several keywords. Your guest posts are, hence, also seen on the first page of searches for many keywords. In this way, your site is also optimized as it is put in the Author Box where you get backlinks from. Check out this screenshot below.

 2) New BloggerShips – The Real Benefit of Guest Posting

If you’re not aware with the term ‘Bloggership’, it means ‘Relationship with bloggers’. I say that this is the real benefit of guest posting because blogger friends exchange hundreds of ideas with each other. Ask one of my friends Saad Naaem (from SeoAllrounder.Com) how our relationship is! Trust me – building relationships with different bloggers is really helpful and beneficiary.

3) No Age Of Learning

Even a 90 year old has a right to learn something new, and so does a 1 year old! Guest Posting teaches you many things regardless of the niche. It teaches you professional communication, engagement with your commentators, writing styles, unheard but worth buying services/products and much more! Even professional and famous bloggers do guest posting and learn many things. That’s what they love about guest posting the most!

4) Mistake(s) – A Step for Success

At times, blog commentators would correct your mistakes (not grammatical, but the thoughts). These corrections really help you in future and you would probably feel good that there was someone who corrected you. A couple of my guest posts had some powerful debates (not fights!) and it was really informative and fun too! You should always accept the corrections. This is a rule of guest posting.

Hence, if you still think you need to write more on your blog before guest posting, then you’re wrong! Change your mind and do the necessary my friend!

Drop in your comments. Do share any of your unusual guest posting story!


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