How to Be a Good Mentor


Do you want to increase the efficiency of your workforce at the office? Are you looking to establish loyalty within your new employees? Well, in order to achieve these prime benefits it’s important to have a sound mentorship program at your workplace. Mentorship will help you share professional knowledge in your employees and build a solid work ethic.

Mentor-mentee is a two-way relationship, therefore, it’s important that both parties show mutual respect for each other. Through effective communication, you can convey your business goals successfully to your employees. A few qualities that a good mentor must possess are listed below.

Willingness to Share

Being a good mentor, you will analyze your mentee’s professional development critically and help them alleviate their progress. You should remember your first days at the office and the difficulties you had to face in the new working environment. Therefore it’s important that you give proper commitment and time to your mentee and provide ongoing support where it is needed. You should share your knowledge and experience with your mentee without any hesitation.

Have a Proactive Approach

A mentee closely observes their mentors and will try building themselves around them. Therefore it’s important that you showcase all personal attributes that are necessary for success. Having a positive mindset at the workplace and dealing with difficult situations calmly will show the mentee what actions are needed to succeed in this field.

Take Personal Interest in Mentorship

Mentorship isn’t just about bombarding your mentee with professional information and antidotes. Rather as a mentor you should feel responsible for the grooming of your mentee and must showcase attributes of compassion. Act like a teacher rather than being a boss. A good mentor will help the mentee reflect on their inner potential and develop strengths and beliefs accordingly.

Be Enthusiastic

No one wants to feel bored or worthless at their job. Therefore be enthusiastic about your profession so your mentee can gain confidence. Creating an environment where the mentee is passionate to share ideas will help him or she finds meaning in the workplace.

Provide constructive feedback

As a mentor, you should know the various strengths and weaknesses of your mentee. Identifying the weaknesses will help the employee grow and learn for a successful career. Have open communication with the mentee and show concerns in a compassionate manner reflecting on solutions for the problem. Challenge your mentee with different challenges will bring forward feelings of accomplishment for the employee.

Have a sound relationship at workplace

Most mentees look forward to attaining the position of their mentor. Therefore in order to motivate them, it’s important that you are respected well within the organization. Co-workers and colleagues should equally appreciate your contribution at the workplace and must not hold ill feelings of any manner.

Meet Professional and Personal Goals

It’s important that you practically show the mentee on how to maintain a strong work ethic. Therefore set certain personal or professional goals and meet the deadlines promptly. It will show that you possess strong personal habits and regularly reflect on your progress.


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