3 Ways To Avoid Distraction To Blog Efficiently


Blogging is not as easy as every random person thinks it to be. It requires a lot of dedication, hard-work and especially patience. Although those three words are not really enough to explain what blogging really is, they can be considered to be the main characteristics required by any blogger. While there is no specific time for ‘blogging’ for any person, there are quite a few hours spent by every blogger online on a daily basis. In those few hours, there are several moments or minutes during which the blogger is doing nothing but something that can be considered a waste of time – time which could have been used into the act of ‘blogging’ and produce something quality that would fetch great benefits later. In this article, three tips will guide you on how to blog efficiently without getting distracted.

Avoid Social Media When Writing And Editing

Although social media is an important and vital part in blogging, on has to avoid it at specific times. We all know that the major part of blogging is the following.

  • Writing – This includes writing posts, pages, comments, replying to comments, broadcast messages from services such as Aweber Email Marketing
  • Editing – This includes editing posts, pages, themes etc.

So when writing and editing, one should stay away from social media sites because sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog Engage etc. can prove to be major sources of distraction because of IMs often take much time and keep you away from focusing on your blog.

Avoid Television & Loud Music

Believe it or not, television and loud music can literally be very distracting. Not only will the two kick away your level of concentration, but will also make you waste your time unnecessarily. Usually, televisions are responsible for laptops in the laps lying idle i.e. not being touched!

On the other hand, loud music might make you want to dance and hence stay away from the gadgets you use for blogging. While soft music is always beneficial and helps you to concentrate, loud music has the opposite effect. Therefore, it is advised that one should stay away from such loud noise producing items to avoid distraction.

Have An Outline For The Daily Blogging Period

Usually, outlines are necessary when writing, but blogging includes many activities such as commenting, replying to comments, engaging on social media etc. Therefore, a short outline can be very beneficial. Even though there can be no specific list that can describe as to what one is going to do for when blogging on a particular day, there are several things that are a must. For example – checking affiliate stats for the ones that don’t send in emails for the commissions, checking social media mentions/messages etc.

Henceforth, having a small outline listing the important things to do everyday when online can be very effective because it will not let you be free, therefore helping you to avoid distraction from anything.


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