What are the Most Annoying Ads on the Internet?


Who hates the popups that come up while you are browsing the internet? So let’s make it official today that popups are undoubtedly the worst and most annoying ads on the internet. Not surprisingly, in a recent survey, 50% internet users claimed they wouldn’t visit a site again that uses popups.

Why Popup are bad

Popup adds, lottery scams and other advertising schemes are quite hated amongst the general public because on obvious reasons. They are simply a disruption in our regular source of information without much benefits to us. People have known to react and lose their temper after reading another scam email. It is simply annoying and worthless wasting our precious time and deviating our attention.

In a recent survey, 55% Americans have reported to find these annoying ads in their inboxes and social media platforms. People don’t necessarily have good things to say about these marketing techniques. Generally people tend to not trust companies or brands that use these forms of marketing campaigns. So instead of gaining potential customers, the company ends up losing its market share. Therefore new businesses and reputable companies need to reevaluate their strategies to attain maximum benefits.

Annoying Ads Types

These annoying ads include popup ads, lottery scams, male enhancement ads, female enhancement ads and unnecessary service ads. They aren’t just annoying but can be quite offensive as well hurting the sentiments of a lot of people. The worst part about these ads is that they aren’t age-specific. Therefore even a child browsing the web can be exposed to these inappropriate ads causing tremendous problems.

Statistics show that popup ads are undoubtedly the clear winners in the most annoying ads category. They are followed up by lottery scams with a close competition from male enhancement ads. People have complained how these ads affect them in their personal lives and reflect onto their feelings about that particular brand.

Words of Advice

Consumers aren’t open to all sorts of content and scam advertisements. Therefore it’s really important for brands to reevaluate their marketing strategies. Having a targeted approach towards marketing is quite beneficial instead of simply advertising your services to a generic audience.

As for customers, they can use different ad blockers to avoid any inconvenience and make their desktop child-safe. Also, people shouldn’t give their email IDs unnecessarily. Having proper knowledge about this will help you with a safer experience on the web and avoid any unnecessary interruptions.


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